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What is the Super Inductive System
The Super Inductive System (SIS) is an innovative therapy using an intense electromagnetic field, which has positive therapeutic effects on human tissue, It can be focused on a specific body part and it is not necessary to undress for its application. The patient may sit or lie depending on the location of the troublesome body part. The applicator is then placed near the treated area without touching the skin.

How does the Super Inductive System help
SIS therapy brings immediate pain relief for all stages of disorders, whether chronic or acute (up to 87% of patients described an improvement in their health). Further therapeutic effects include fracture healing, muscle relaxation, muscle stimulation, and joint mobilisation. Thanks to a wide range of stimulation frequencies, SIS can be indicated for its analgesic effects at all stages of pain.

Advisable for:

Arthrosis of the joints, sprained joints, epicondylitis, backaches, bone spurs, injuries to connective tissues (ligaments, joint capsules), impingement syndrome, fractures, long term pain.

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