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  1. Discussion

    To deliver the most effective solution, we need to thoroughly understand your problem.

  2. Assessment

    An MSK assessment of you and your footwear will help us to decide upon a solution.

  3. Prescription

    With discussion, we can prescribe an individual care plan to suit your requirements and needs.

  4. Recovery

    We’ll focus on delivering your care plan with speed of recovery being of the uppermost importance.

  5. Monitor

    We’ll keep in touch to monitor that our advice is working for you.

    We want to get to know you as well as your feet.

About us

Pro-Motion is a branch of The Nantwich Clinic, evolved due to an increase in biomechanical/sports/Muscular skeletal injuries presenting in clinic. Our Podiatry team includes specialists in these problems and can offer the latest Podiatric treatments to eliminate pain in the foot, ankle and leg.

The Clinic offers all aspects of treatment for the feet and lower leg, for patients of all ages, in modern and comfortable surroundings.

  • • Manipulation, Mobilisation & Tool assisted massage
    • Excercise prescription
    • Orthotic Therapy
    • Shockwave Therapy


Concerned with the foot and its development within childhood, podo-paediatrics requires detailed knowledge of genetics, psychological development and management at home and school.

Sports Podiatry

Helping to prevent injuries to the upper leg, knee lower leg, ankle and foot using gait analysis techniques, orthotics, rehab and footwear advice. We also provide an athlete with the tools needed to quickly return to sport after a lower limb injury.


Managing joints, connective and soft tissue conditions including, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, gout, polymyalgia rheumatica and ankylosing spondylitis through pressure relief and biomechanics. FMT (see below) may be beneficial.

Gait Analysis and Musculoskeletal Assessment

Also known as MSK or Biomechanicsal assessment

Assessment and Diagnose of pain in joints, muscles and tendons which are being put under stress during movement. A dynamic assessment involving filming walking/running on a treadmill to assess gait speed, and measure heel and forefoot contact times after weight bearing and non-weight bearing assessments to look at joint motion and positions. To aid assessment a pressure plate is also used to view how pressure is distributed during movement and when stationary.


Pro-Motion, at the Nantwich Clinic offers the following treatments

Shockwave Therapy

A non-invasive solution for chronic musculoskeletal pain. A high-intensity acoustic wave interacts with the tissues of the body and creates an optimal healing environment. As the injured area is returned to normal, function is restored and pain is relieved. Can be used for any musculoskeletal pain but is highly recommended in the relief of Plantar Fasciitis.

Orthotic Therapy

Treatment for Musculoskeletal issues often involves the use of orthotics to realign, cushion or offload. This alteration, although made to the position of the foot, can affect the whole of the lower limb, pelvis and back. Therefore, improving the whole body’s posture and ability to function. Our podiatrists can prescribe the correct orthotic for your needs after assessment . A 3D scan is taken of the feet to enable the manufacture of bespoke orthotics.

Manipulation, Mobilisation and Tool assisted massage

Foot Mobilisation techniques (FMT) is a manual therapeutic technique. It is designed to improve the function and alignment of the foot and lower limb’s dysfunctional joints through gentle manipulation and massage. Treatment and prescribed exercises are tailored to the patient, depending on the level of care needed. A course of FMT is often beneficial prior to Orthotic Therapy to ensure that feet are in their correct position before using orthotics.

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